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Dec 25, 2015

THE QUESTION isn't did you see The Force Awakens, but how many times did you see the long awaited JJ Abrams continuation of the Star Wars saga? Jim McDonough (Manicorn) and I sit down to talk all things Star Wars and TFA brought us back to those giddy days of childhood, where the Force was strong with every kid that wanted to grow up to be a Jedi. As a fair warning, we are going to spoil the hell out of TFA, so if you haven't seen it yet, wait before listening. Jim and I talk how TFA goes straight for the nostalgia for the OT while setting up four great new characters, why Kylo Ren might be the most intriguing villain in the whole Saga, how many ways Rey kicks ass and what it means to be able to bring our kids to a Star Wars movie that doesn't suck. Hope you enjoy the show and have a great holiday!

Oct 16, 2015

Holy cow where have we been? Well that doesn't matter but what does is we have a pair of terrific interviews up with TALES OF HALLOWEEN masterminds Axelle Carolyn & Mike Mendez. ToH is a fantastic new anthology film that weaves ten tales of Halloween from some of the best indie horror directors working today including Darren Lynn Boussman, Paul Solet, Dave Parker and More. We spoke with Carolyn & Mendez on how the film came together, the benefits of working with close friends and why the film puts the emphasis on the funny, "trick" aspect of the holiday. 

Jun 3, 2015

Join Mike this week as he discusses the short comedic horror film RECIPE with its lovely and charming (and super patient) director OLIVIA SAPPERSTEIN.

RECIPE is a terrific little short that packs a punch or three in a brief five minutes. If you've ever stepped foot inside a gym, you'll immediately recognize the protagonist-the person who counts every calorie and bead of sweat and treats any sweet or savory indulgence as the bitter enemy. Taking the phrase "you are what you eat" to a whole new level, RECIPE examines the obsession with fitness, beauty and double standards women face every day. 

Apr 20, 2015

Coming out of the 2015 Boston Underground Film Festival, there might no have been a more controversial a film than Patrick Kennelly's Excess Flesh. Exploring body dysmorphia, the cyclical nature of abusive relationships, psychosis and the way Los Angeles serves as a breeding ground for dangerous and unrealistic standards of beauty, the film is anchored by it's leading lady Bethany Orr and the intensity she brings to her role as Jill. As an apartment recluse, Jill feeds her paranoia and selfloathing one spoonful of decadent mac and cheese slathered with BBQ chips at a time.  

Both Kennelly and Orr sat down to talk with Dede Crimmins and I this past week to discuss the genesis of the film, what it means to create horror rooted in reality and why those who say "beautiful" people can't claim to have body issues can get stuffed.

For more on Excess Flesh, read Dede's incisive review at ALL THINGS HORROR: "Excess Flesh Rips Your Heart Through Your Stomach And Makes You Watch".


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Apr 8, 2015

I knew I was going to love Jim McDonough from the moment he started singing the praises of Fozzie Bear and his unique brand of humor. Hailing from the mean streets of the South Shore of Massachusetts, Jim sat down with me at our local Panera Bread (the mean streets of Hingham aren't that mean) to talk about his latest short film MANICORN.

While I could try to describe Manicorn to you, somehow coming up with the words to detail the side effects of mixing cold medicines and the altering effects on the Universe and time/space continuum, you're better off checking out the short for yourself. You can find the public link to the film here. 

This week's episode of Film Thrills offers a crash course in the garage band style of filmmaking as McDonough talks about using anything and everything he has on hand in order to make shorts films on the cheap. Taking advantage of everything from dimestore masks bought for a nickel to lax enforcement of child labor laws, McDonough brings a unique brand of mayhem to the table. From our debate over what set of anatomy determines a manicorn to the influence of 70's and 80's pop culture on his films, we enjoyed a kickass chat. This was one of the looser, more fun interviews we've had the chance to conduct, and here's hoping Jim comes back to join us more often for future episodes. 

Mar 23, 2015

Husband and Wife team Michael J Epstein and Sophia Cacciola are longtime fixtures of the Boston art and music communities. Playing together in diverse projects Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, Space Balloons, The Michael J Epstein Memorial Library and Darling Pet Munkee, the pair always look for new creative challenges lest the fear of stagnation set in.

After directing a number of music video projects and short films, the partners turned their attention to TEN,  unique lulls audiences in with the appearance of a standard  slasher film before pulling the rug out and defying easy categorization. With a comprised completely of women, including a number of stalwarts in the local burlesque and performance art community, and taking full advantage of its location shoot at a sprawling, gothic mansion, TEN offers a unique experience for the adventurous viewer. The film makes its DVD and VOD release April 24th.

The pair followed up their feature debut with MAGNETIC, which makes its world premiere at the Boston Underground Film Festival this Sunday March 29th at the Brattle Theater. Set in a post apocalyptic future, it focuses on a lonely woman with the Herculean and depressing task of informing families their loved ones are no longer. While it sounds simple on the surface, the duo promise a post modern experience where music and mood are instrumental to one's appreciation of the film. 

Michael and Sophia joined Mike to discuss how they broke in to filmmaking from music, the allure of pushing boundaries and telling nonconformist stories, and the benefits of making art with the person you love. 

Find out more about Michael and Sophia's music and film projects here. 

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Feb 11, 2015

After two weeks of blizzards that leaves the city of Boston buried under snow and ice over six feet deep, a house bound and stir crazy Mike called on Dede & Charlie to talk him down from the ledge in order to talk movies. Charlie survived the dreaded "Sundance Flu" in order to report back from the fest. We talk about some of the event's most highly talked about films including Witch, Tangerine and the new Kurt Cobain retrospective Montage of Heck. 

Dede sat in as a panelist for the Boston area sci-fi/genre convention Arisia. She may be the only person on earth well schooled enough to talk about both The Muppets and Seven in the same day. 

Up next we talk about the S&M movie you SHOULD see this Valentine's day: Peter Strickland's The Duke of Burgundy. 

We wrap things up with a few Netflix picks for these cold as balls days where it makes no sense to leave the comfortable confines of your living room. 

00:00-02:11 INTRO

02:11-22:08 Sundance 2015

22:09-33:00 Arisia Convention

33:01-56:30 The Duke of Burgundy

mild spoilers from 46:00-50:10

56:31-1:10:01 Staff Netflix picks/wrap up

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Feb 6, 2015

This week's episode brings you an interview with the duo behind two of the best independent horror releases in recent memory. SPRING is due out March 20th from Drafthouse Films and we talked to Aaron and Justin about crafting believable dialogue, creating unique monsters and the pitfalls and triumphs of low budget filmmaking. 

00:00-05:25 INTRO

05:26-07:34 SPRING trailer

07:35-41:26 Interview with Justin Benson & Aaron Morehead (Spring, Resolution, VHS Viral Bonesaw segment)


41:27-42:40 Show notes

42:41-46:43 Ada  (4 and a half years old) talks about Ghostbusters and Pee Wee's Big Adventure 

Jan 30, 2015

The crew is back to discuss Ana Lily Amapour's debut feature A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT. 

Jan 19, 2015

A recent article published by the New Republic titled "What Its Says About You If You Enjoy Horror Movies" sent ripples of anger through the horror community. Citing 30 year old research and a pair of films that fall under the fantasy and biblical epic categories, author Alice Robb made some egregious assumptions about horror fans. One of the most striking and tone deaf arguments of the article was the assumption that women either don't enjoy or lack the strong constitution for horror movies. We sat down with head Horror Honey KAT, Boston filmmaker IZZY LEE, Day of The Woman's BJ-COANGELO & our own DEDE CRIMMINS to discuss this article and what it means to them to be a horror fan/journalist/filmmaker.  

For your reading enjoyment, we present links to the original article along with several refutations:

The New Republic "What It Says About You If You Enjoy Horror Movies"

The Horror Honeys "To Know Horror Fans Is To Love Them"

Day of the Woman "ThisIs What It Really Says If You Like Horror Movies"

All Things Horror "A Refutation Of The New Republics Ill-Informed and Inaccurate Anti-Horror Article"

Jan 12, 2015

In our second episode of the FILM THRILLS PODCAST Mike interviews Leigh Whannel (Saw, Insidious) about his new black comedy THE MULE and Paul Solet (Grace) about his new supernatural horror film DARK SUMMER. 

Jan 7, 2015

Hello Everyone and welcome to the debute episode of FILM THRILLS, your source for the best and brightest in independent horror, sci-fi, dark thrillers, cult and exploitation films and brought to you by the crew at All Things Horror

In this episode Mike, Dede, Charlie and Andrea take a look at the state of theatrical horror by the end of 2014, discuss why VOD has become the best source for the most exciting current genre films and reveal what films we're most excited about heading in to 2015. We'll talk about The Tribe, The Duke of Burgundy, Spring, It Follows, Crimson Peak along with many more.