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Jan 12, 2016

While every Quentin Tarantino release feels like an event, his latest, The Hateful 8, feels like an even bigger one. Rolled out into 100 cinemas in glorious 70mm and accompanied by an overture and mid film intermission, it marked the rare occasion that a night at the movies felt like a “Big Deal.” How does Tarantino's vision of a western hold up? How does Tarantino use the Western and the era of Reconstruction to hold up a mirror to the racial tensions that still exist today? Join Dede and Mike as they talk about what worked, what didn't and what Mike is still trying to wrap his head around in the latest addition of the Film Thrills podcast.

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Over on All Things Horror, we have a terrific piece up by Charlie Nash on the film's anti-heroine Daisy Domergue: "On The Hateful 8 & Misogyny: Depiction Does Not Equal Endorsement."

Dec 25, 2015

THE QUESTION isn't did you see The Force Awakens, but how many times did you see the long awaited JJ Abrams continuation of the Star Wars saga? Jim McDonough (Manicorn) and I sit down to talk all things Star Wars and TFA brought us back to those giddy days of childhood, where the Force was strong with every kid that wanted to grow up to be a Jedi. As a fair warning, we are going to spoil the hell out of TFA, so if you haven't seen it yet, wait before listening. Jim and I talk how TFA goes straight for the nostalgia for the OT while setting up four great new characters, why Kylo Ren might be the most intriguing villain in the whole Saga, how many ways Rey kicks ass and what it means to be able to bring our kids to a Star Wars movie that doesn't suck. Hope you enjoy the show and have a great holiday!

Oct 16, 2015

Holy cow where have we been? Well that doesn't matter but what does is we have a pair of terrific interviews up with TALES OF HALLOWEEN masterminds Axelle Carolyn & Mike Mendez. ToH is a fantastic new anthology film that weaves ten tales of Halloween from some of the best indie horror directors working today including Darren Lynn Boussman, Paul Solet, Dave Parker and More. We spoke with Carolyn & Mendez on how the film came together, the benefits of working with close friends and why the film puts the emphasis on the funny, "trick" aspect of the holiday.